Cadillac Launches Electric Vehicle Push

2020 Cadillac Escalade | Rochester, MN

Cadillac announced a new goal: It’s entering the 20s with internal combustion engines (ICEs), but it wants to exit with only electric vehicles. According to Cadillac President, Steven Carlisle, the company will unveil its first all-electric SUV in China in 2021 and plans to phase out ICEs entirely by 2030.

Escalade EV

Cadillac plans to offer an all-electric version of the popular Escalade full-size SUV in the next few years. It may be named that or something similar. Carlisle said that the company plans to move away from the letter and number combination of naming vehicles and back to traditional names for the electric offerings.

Driverless Future

This new version of the Escalade will be Cadillac’s third vehicle to include Super Cruise driver assist, which is similar to Tesla’s Autopilot. Customers can current order the system on the CT6 sedan, but updates are scheduled for the CT5 sedan and then the Escalade in 2021.

Goodbye ICE

The electric vehicle offerings will appear first in China, but the company plans to introduce an all-electric SUV to American consumers in 2023. For a time, the electric and ICE vehicles will exist side by side. Cadillac needs to increase the battery range to 300 miles per charge before an all-electric SUV is practical. The company is working on a new battery system to improve mileage.

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