The Final Impala Ships as the Sedan Is Going on a Break

Final Chevrolet Impala | Rochester, MN

In late February, Chevrolet produced its final Impala at a Detroit factory. The Impala is going on hiatus for the foreseeable future, but the rest of the Chevrolet lineup is looking fresher than ever.

Gone, but probably not forever

Long-time Impala fans will note that this is not the first time the Chevrolet Impala line has gone on hiatus. There have been times throughout its history that it’s retired and then returned with fresh appeal. Chevrolet could revive it in a few years in a different form.

Factory reset

Don’t worry too much about the factory workers, as the factory isn’t closing! Instead, it will transition to producing General Motors’ expanding line of electric trucks and SUVs, starting with the GMC Hummer EV (set to go on sale in late 2021) and the Cruise Origin electric shuttle.

While a small number of staff will remain on-site as the transition is underway, the remainder of the workers will temporarily transfer to other GM factories in the area to continue working during the interim.

Chevrolet’s electric future

Chevrolet is shifting toward a more environmentally friendly mission for its lineup. The 2020 Chevrolet Bolt leads the manufacturer’s efforts for electric vehicles, and older Volt models are still available.

Chevrolet has partnered with Qmerit to install accredited at-home charging stations for electric vehicles, and its myChevrolet app includes a map of public charging stations.

Even Chevrolet’s gas vehicles will improve their fuel economy — and with it, you’ll be spend much less filling up.

Although we will miss the Impala, you can still find some new and used ones at Clements Chevrolet Cadillac if you live near Rochester, Minnesota. We look forward to the innovative new cars coming to Chevrolet in the future.

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