Chic Mystique: What We Know So Far About the Cadillac Celestiq

Cadillac Celestiq Coming Soon | Rochester, MN

The Cadillac media event in early March provided lots of information on upcoming Cadillac vehicles, but the mysterious Celestiq continues to be an enigma. We don’t know much about the Cadillac Celestiq yet, but here is what has been confirmed.

For journalists’ eyes only.

Cadillac is keeping the Celestiq under wraps for now — Cadillac refused to allow journalists to take pictures of the Celestiq. Eyewitness accounts describe a body similar to Cadillac’s Escala — but with some extreme changes.

Supposedly, the Celestiq lacks side mirrors, and journalists didn’t spot any door handles either. The Celestiq is apparently large for its sedan class, with 23-inch wheels and a large wheelbase.

Screens galore.

The Celestiq leverages plenty of technological splendor it can for a luxurious appeal. Journalists reported seeing a rendering of the Celestiq’s interior that includes an LED instrument cluster and infotainment screen stretching across the whole dashboard, as well as touchscreens on the backs of both front seats.

Handcrafted and highly customizable.

Cadillac announced that it will craft each Celestiq EV by hand — which is fitting, as the manufacturer wants to keep the Celestiq highly customizable.

That customizability and handcrafted luxury comes at a pice: the Celestiq is expected to retail at a base price of over $200,000. This will make the Celestiq the brand’s most expensive retail model ever.

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