How to Make Your Cadillac Shine Like New

Cadillac Cleaning Tips | Rochester, MN

When a car looks as good as your Cadillac does, it would be a shame to let it gather dust and bird droppings. With these tips, you can have some fun in the sun while making your Cadillac shine like it was always supposed to.

Wash first.

It may sound like a chore, but scrubbing your Cadillac is surprisingly fun when you’re basking in the summer sun and enjoying the warm air. Once you’ve grabbed a soft sponge and filled a bucket with a wash-wax solution, just wipe away the mess.

Glaze, polish, and protect.

To make the Cadillac paint look like it did the day you brought it home, polish it with a quick glaze that removes minor blemishes and makes the material shine. To make sure that it stays that way, you can apply an acrylic sealant.

Wax and shine.

The best way to make your Cadillac shine like it’s fresh off of the lot is to apply car wax. If you want to make your vehicle’s color pop and appear richer and clearer, a thorough buffing and polishing necessary.

If your car needs a paint touch-up or body detailing, contact the Clements Chevrolet Cadillac service department. We can help fix your car’s appearance.

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