Why Choose All-Wheel Drive on Your Next Cadillac

Cadillac AWD | Rochester, MN

Whether you’re driving around Rochester or you’re heading off the beaten path somewhere in rural Minnesota, Cadillac all-wheel drive is a must-have. While front-wheel drive is suitable for low-intensity, urban driving, Cadillac AWD offers better traction, especially on harsh terrain and slippery surfaces. Which is right for you?

Most FWD vehicles are more affordable than AWD models, and they often yield better fuel economy as well. That’s because FWD Cadillac models pull the weight of the vehicle with the front two wheels (instead of spinning all four wheels at once). If you mostly drive in the city and on the highway, FWD models will suffice.

But if you want better performance and traction, all-wheel drive is necessary. An AWD drivetrain works by tracking the spin of all four wheels. If the car’s computer senses that traction is slipping in one wheel, it sends power where it’s needed. Great for off-road driving and performance driving on the track, AWD keeps you in control in varying driving conditions in Minnesota.

You should consider an AWD powertrain if you find yourself in moderate off-road driving situations or if you live the rural countryside.

Many Cadillac SUV/crossovers, such as the XT4 and XT5, are offered with AWD to improve handling, and you can even find it on sedans like the CT4, CT5, and CT6. You can find all of these models at Clements Cadillac. Browse our stock online and find your next Cadillac to lease.

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